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Arbor Lanes intertwines nature and architecture in a vast 34,315-sqm development with commercial buildings to its north, residential communities to the west, and its main entrance to the east. Embraced by refreshing spaces shared by the community, residences of various configurations reveal landscapes and garden views. With a distinctive building orientation, natural breeze and minimized sun exposure create a pleasant microclimate throughout. Cultivating affinities, Arbor Lanes embraces leisure settings bathed in life. With gardens, pools, and shared open spaces, gatherings and everyday pursuits are inspired by a natural energy.

Arbor Lanes is a vast 34,315 square meters community development with residential communities, commercial buildings, and a magnificent entrance located to the east. The community shares refreshing spaces comprising residences of different configurations. It doesn’t matter which unit you decide to invest in, the garden and landscape views you will enjoy are simply exciting.

The building orientation is distinct and gives you a natural breeze without suffering from exposure to solar. In summary, there is a microclimate around here that is pleasant for you and your family to grow in. Among the amenities you will enjoy when you become a member of this lovely community include:

The Kids Playground
There are outdoor and indoor spaces where kids can play. Children by their very nature love spaces where they can run around all the time. According to Ayala Land, the kiddie play areas are equipped with the necessary facilities such as slides and swings so that the kids can take advantage of them and interact with other children and make friends.

Kiddie Pool
Children never get tired from enjoying quality time swimming. The kiddie pool is designed in such a way that it can accommodate a good number of children. As a matter of fact, you can teach your children how to swim right here. This will not only make you bond with them, but will give you an opportunity to shape their lives as well.

Lap Pool
If you are a sport enthusiast, you will certainly want a community where you can do your daily swims without being interrupted. Ayala Land designed the lap pool with adequate dimensions to give you that space to exercise.

Pool Shower and Changing Rooms
The pool facilities are conveniently designed to have a modern shower and locker rooms which ensure your items are always safe.

This is the grandest recreation site on Arbor Lanes development. It is the center of most of the activities. It has a game room where you can interact with friends over board and pool games. Arbor Lanes is such a massive community that you can’t possibly live in isolation. This is why Ayala Land gives you the opportunity to meet new friends through the game room.

Function Rooms
At times, you may have family meetings or community level meetings that you simply can’t hold them in your house. This is where the function rooms come in. They are spacious enough to accommodate you and your friends or family. It is well designed to facilitate meetings without interference from outside. 

Fitness Center
Do you at times feel that you need to exercise and just keep fit? Well, Arbor Lanes has a fitness center that is fully equipped. This helps you support an active lifestyle. There is a gym and aerobics area for you to flex your muscles and do your daily grind.

Landscaped Gardens
Imagine yourself walking or just jogging around and right in front of you are beautifully landscaped gardens. Green living is the theme at Arbor Lanes. Ayala Land has ensured that you interact with nature at every touch point. The landscaped gardens simply help you to refresh and bring in new ideas into your mind.

Main Vehicle Drop Off
If you have kids attending school outside the community, it helps to know where they will alight once they come into the compound. This drop off which is visible from almost every unit ensures you know where your kids are picked from and where they are dropped in the evening. There is no peace of mind that can surpass this.

Garden Lounge Privacy
Most of the units have garden lounges and this is important for privacy. It is not always that you would want to interact with people, maybe you just want some me-time or time with your family. The garden lounge is a great place. It can also serve as a barbecue point on some afternoons.

24-Hour Security
Safety and security are some of the major concerns of people looking to buy homes. Arbor Lanes is not short of a secure space. there is a 24-hour security surveillance complete with CCTV security system. The goings on within the community and anyone trying to access the property from outside is carefully monitored. The fire detection systems and strategically positioned alarm systems ensure that any issue is captured and relayed before anyone is affected.

  • Main vehicular drop-off 
  • Lap Pool with integrated Lounge Pool and Kiddie Pool
  • Pool deck 
  • Pool shower and locker rooms
  • Function Rooms
  • Kiddie Play Area (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Fitness Center with shower and locker rooms
  • Landscaped Garden
  • Cloubhouse
  • Minimize afternoon sun
  • Maximize breezeways
  • Garden views Intimate Garden Living
  • Almost 60% parks and open spaces
  • Landscaped amenity spines
  • Tree wells
  • Garden terrace
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